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Charitable Centres

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Mallika Home

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Parakrama Child Development Centre

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Sneha Child Development Centre

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Mallika Home is our flagship Home and is the base of our operations. The Home was started with two residents and now expanded to nearly a hundred elders.

Mallika Home was adjudged the 'Best Home in the Western Province' by the National Secretariat for Elders in 2003. Renovated in 2004 with the assistance of a generous bequest from the Nora & Noel Bartholomeusz Fund, the original building still retains it's old world charm. 

Almost one hundred elderly women are looked after in a serene, religious atmosphere. Generous donors undertake to provide meals, often giving alms in memory of departed relatives.


Our elders are encouraged to actively participate in various projects such as home gardening and handicrafts. What they most enjoy are the various outings organised for them by sponsors especially during 'Elders Week' each October.


Volunteer medical personnel visit the home regularly and look after their health and well-being. A sick ward with a resident nurse takes care of the very feeble and bed-ridden residents. 

Sponsor A Granny Program

‘Sponsor a Granny in hospital’, is a sponsorship programme where a fund is maintained for expenses involved, to pay attendants etc., when an elderly patient is hospitalised.

Dementia Care Centre


The first Dementia Care Centre in Sri Lanka was opened at Mallika Home in March 2002 with the sponsorship of HelpAge Sri Lanka. The patients in this centre are looked after in a serene and tranquil environment by specially trained carers.

Elders' Welfare Project

Our Elders' Welfare Project was initiated in 2013, when HelpAge Sri Lanka encouraged us to start up our own revenue-generating ventures.
We have 3 ongoing projects, the Handicraft project, the Gardening project and our Food outlet, 'Rasa Bojun'.

The revenue earned from these projects is spent on recreation and an annual pilgrimage for the grans.

Accommodation for University Girls

Reaching out to female university students from far off areas, who are trying to find their feet in the big city, we offer dormitory accommodation at a very nominal rate.

Parakrama Child Development Centre

Parakrama Home was built on a large extent of land donated by Sir Ernest and Lady Evadne de Silva. 

30 boys between the ages of 5-16 live in this Home and attend nearby state-run schools. These children come to us either because they are orphans or because their parents are destitute and are unable to look after them.

The local community assists us by providing money, meals and dry rations. A caring benefactor  Mr. Bob Kundanmal, helps us look after our children's educational needs. International Children's Aid, Australia sponsors two of our children.

We encourage the children to take part in various extra curricular activities and give them a basic training in computer skills. A recreation Hall was built on the premises and donated in July 2005 by the Saramanda Association, Switzerland.

Our great concern is to ensure that the boys embark on a satisfactory career before they leave the care of the Home. Our aim is to ensure that the boys are equipped for a suitable livelihood and grow up to be responsible citizens.

Sneha Child Development Centre

Mrs. Snehalatha Amarasinghe inaugurated home on 25th November 1971 25 orphans, abandoned infants and underprivileged young children between the ages of newborn - 5 years are looked after in this Home. Sneha Infants' Home also has a well-equipped playground and a pre-school on the premises.

Our little children eagerly look forward to the arrival of visitors who bring them treats. Parents bring their own children to celebrate birthdays in the company of our tiny tots.

A special Day Care Centre for Children was built in 2004 with a bequest received from Ms Eileen Wijeyaratne an elderly lady who lived in one of the Paying Homes. This centre is a great boon to low-income parents from the neighbourhood who are able to go out to work and earn a day's wage knowing that their little ones are in safe hands.

Mallika Home

Mallika Home
Parakrama Boys
Sneha Child Home
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